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Seagull philosophy- 1

Welcome to Greygull

From error to error one discovers the entire truth

… Sigmund Freud

This blog is about a particular investment method; the Greygull method.

Readers can follow our portfolio on the blog and monitor our performance.

We are hoping that some will like and be encouraged to follow our investment process.

The main purpose of the blog is to explain how financial markets work to the lay investor and also to explain the philosophy behind the way that we invest.

The philosophy behind why and how you invest is important. Consider for a minute the reason why you invest.

Why do you invest? To have money for the future, yes, but there is a deeper reason why we invest.

We invest because we want to be free.

In the modern world investing is integral to the quest for freedom. It is every bit as important as the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of freedom.

In this quest, it is important to understand that freedom is not an amount of money in a bank account. It is a state of mind. Unless you have this state of mind, you will find yourself quickly dominated by emotion when investing. Fear and greed will guide your investment decisions. You will find yourself a long way from feeling free.

Unless one invests in the right state of mind, no amount of effort and amount of financial knowledge will get you closer to being free.

To attain freedom, one must invest in a way that is consistent with the attainment of freedom.

At its core, the Greygull method seeks investment wisdom. Wisdom is simply the ability to make good decisions.

Ancient philosophers identified wisdom with self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge in this sense is preoccupied with understanding our weakness and learning how to overcome it.

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